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Topics Covered

  • Setting Up Your CompanyThings you need to know such as company name, logo, slogan, uniforms, phone numbers...
  • AdvertisingMethods i used, what i don't recommend, what works and what doesn't...
  • EquipmentTo buy a van or trailer? Which lawn mowers are good and which aren't.  What's the difference between a commercial mower and a domestic mower...
  • QuotingWhat to look for, what not to do, hourly rates...
  • Customer Database Technology is there - use it. What methods there are to keep track of customers, what i used, why i used it...
  • Action Plan Step by step plan to set up your business and increase your customer base - FAST.

For Successful Business!

Find out how i built up my lawn mowing business from ZERO to 100 regular clients in 7 months!

Realistically you can earn between $1500 and $1800 per week running your own lawn mowing and garden services business.  There are so many opportunities in this industry from lawn mowing (bread and butter) to doing hedges (cream).

Setting up a lawn mowing business is easy!

In this eBook i give you a step by step guide as to what you need to do to set up your lawn mowing business.

This is the PERFECT business to own:
Easy to start.
East to operate.
Recession proof - grass always grows.
Get paid every day - and get paid a lot!
Be your own boss.

Don't be fooled by what people tell you about setting up your own business.  I have heard people say "you need to be a genius" or "you need at least 10 years business experience", that is all rubbish!

You DONT Need

You DO Need

Business experience A desire to be your own boss
Sales experience A desire to be successful
Thousands of dollars A desire to earn A LOT of money
A university degree . Be prepared to work hard.